Future Development by British Properties Owned Lands

West Vancouver, BC (May 31, 2019): A bombshell document has been discovered buried in an extensive Supreme Court affidavit filed and sworn by the District of West Vancouver for the Five Creeks injunction.

The District informed residents, in its public communications for the project, that its purpose is to protect the community from the impacts of climate change. The District says the Upper Levels Highway has sections unable to safely convey large amounts of water from storm events which would overpower these Five Creeks and would cause significant damage to existing properties, infrastructure, and to the creeks themselves.

But the newly released document contained in the affidavit, a 41 page “Stormwater Diversion System Agreement” between British Pacific Properties Limited (‘British Properties’) and the District of West Vancouver, tells a very different story.

The agreement discloses in great detail the true underlying reason for the Five Creeks diversion dams, pipeline, spillway, and outfall. Put simply, this contract is toaccommodate future development of BPP-owned lands west of the Rodgers Creek Lands”.

For this, the District of West Vancouver has received $250,000 for “Administration and Inspection” and a further fee of $70,000 representing an estimated 4% cut of the Stormwater Diversion Works. But it is, in fact, all British Properties project fronted by the District of West Vancouver. British Properties even appears to be the untendered contractor.

It now seems that the Mayor and Council of the District embarked on a strategy to distract residents from the true purpose of the Five Creeks project, in their public statements relating to the project.

The most surprising part to us is the extent of British Properties’ involvement in the motivation for the project and the actual work involved. Now it seems that the Five Creeks project is really just an adjunct to a private, for-profit real estate development, with the blessing and active support of District Council. Who is really in charge here?

To date, the Save West Van’s Creeks campaign has a 663-person petition. They know it’s time to halt the work, engage meaningful and full consultations with residents, and to evaluate world-class alternatives to rainwater management. They know it’s time to get serious about the process and to abandon the court injunction bully action.

We are content for British Properties to build new neighbourhoods in West Vancouver. But, existing residents should not have to pay a heavy price for that.

BC Supreme Court Document



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