End this madness, changing and effecting our way of life and the natural Hollyburn Mountain watershed and our 5 creeks. W.V. Council and the British Pacific Properties Ltd (BPP) must halt this project and investigate and find a better way.
Our 5 Creeks watershed system has existed for 1,000’s of years. Stop and don’t let your Council and BPP change the existing system. Don’t let W.V. Council and BPP blast and tear up our neighbourhoods to install an unnecessary 5-foot pipe.

West Vancouverites demand and deserve more public input before the District and the developer cut and slash the natural trees and vegetation that make up our neighbourhoods and homes.
There must be and there are better world-wide solutions for dealing with the watershed challenge!

Tell W.V. Council and BPP to halt this project immediately!

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Nancy Cameron
Andrea Miller
John Lesow
Alice Walcott
Dirk Marwig
Fiona Wright
Rk Wong
Art Duran
Susan Eggleton
Richard Mundie
LLoyd Burritt
Wendy Lynch
Kristy Brinkley
Sandra Leidl
Donald Youngson
Bob Musters
Annaliese Hall
Tamara Bustos
David Jones
Craig Lees
Lary Waldman
Melinda Slater
Colleen Hayes
Chuck Walker
Gale Leitch
Ian McBeath
Nigel Malkin
Sherry McIntyre
Frank Christiaens
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