The westward creep of forestland development above the Upper Levels Highway by British Pacific Properties Ltd. is of great impact on the environmental long term effect on the mountainside. Aside from changes to the visual appearance, density, and increased demand on public facilities and services, the eco-system and water drainage is also affected. To continue developing, British Pacific Properties has been told it must address the water drainage management as natural soils and vegetation will be replaced by pavement and rooftops.

This is not a problem unique to West Vancouver. All major cities in the world face this issue with modern, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions. But particular to our community, these five creeks have provided proven natural drainage for hundreds and thousands of years without flooding. West Vancouver Council is relying on old ways. They seem okay to dam five natural creeks, pour concrete intake structures upstream, tear up streets and boulevards to lay huge pipes, construct a massive spillway, and build a large outfall at a public access point by the ocean.

The British Properties chief engineer describes the works as “it’s a big project. It’s probably one of the biggest infrastructure projects we’ve done since we built the Lions Gate Bridge.” Aside from being the wrong solution, the Five Creeks Water Diversion project is a complete waste of taxpayer’s money, will cause traffic nightmares, and will disrupt the West Vancouver resident’s way of life. There will be blasting of the foreshore. The inconvenience with last for months and years.

It’s time West Vancouver Council shelf its seven-year-old studies and pursue modern world-class solutions for the high-rise developments above the highway. It’s time to hold a proper consultation process with residents.
It’s time to find the right approach to move ahead.

May 21st Protest: West Vancouver City Council cannot proceed with the 5 Creeks Diversion project. On May 21st, residents came out to make their voices heard.

Here is the link to the project:  5 Creeks Water Diversion

Videos related to the project: Disrupted Road

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